Designing Demon's Hymn

Hey everyone! Here's a new devlog video, all about Demon's Hymn!

In this video, we're going to explore the level design and enemy design of Demon's Hymn, a game I made for Low Rez Jam 2017. But since you're already here reading this on, I assume you already know this. :)
If you haven't played the game yet, I recommend playing at least a little before watching the video!

I hope you enjoy the analysis of the game! I'm looking for feedback too, so if you like the game concept please leave a comment. Based on feedback, it might turn into a full game someday! There are a LOT of games I want to make, and right now Atmocopter is my main project. Only time will tell what my next project is... But maybe you can help influence the decision!

Thanks for watching and following along! I'd also especially like to thank my fellow indie devs who organized and participated in Low Rez Jam, and who helped propel Demon's Hymn to 5th place overall in the jam! You guys rock.

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