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Thank you for this, I used it for my bombs in my game here: Take care!

when crediting you should I refer to you as unTied Games , Will, or by a different name

unTied Games is fine- Thank you for enjoying the artwork, hope it helps with your games!

ok, thank you, and you're welcome

So smooth! I used one of them for my Clicker WinterJam submission :) (Wish I used more!)


Awesome, I'm glad you enjoyed the explosions! Thank you and best of luck with game dev!




I just used this in a game jam game called Eye of Doooom

Hi there! I recently used this Asset pack in my newest game! I figured I'd let you know and also show ya! This is amazing stuff and I really appreciate the work you put into it! :D

I also included your name in the credits!


This is awesome!


Love your art style dude! I'm using a few of these while I learn the basics, once I get the hang of things I'm going to sign up to the Patreon and get all of the other goodness, thanks for making a couple free :) really cool to work with decent assets as I'm getting my head around all of this coding business

Hey, thanks! Appreciate the kind words!

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Thanks for the feedback on a free asset pack, where literally all I ask in return is a mention in the credits of your project.

Tons of audio, libraries, and art ask for attribution and nobody seems to complain. I don't get why there seems to be a pervasive expectation that pixel art is different or lesser than anything else used in games.

(+1) I used these in Missile Pong. It works well!

Very nice! Since it's 2-player, I'll have to try it with a friend after the world calms down a little. ;)


I've just got into game designing and I tried using these as a reference.  It massively improved my animation skills so I must thank you dearly. These explosions are incredibly made and it's so nice of you to give them out to the public for free. Good job and thank you!


Thanks, I'm glad you like them! I've got more particle effect stuff in the works, so stay tuned!


Thanks very much for these five explosions, Well I hope to have more money for the effects of particles!! And I put you in your credits of my game!!!

No problem, I'm glad you like them and I hope they help make your game awesome!

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Nice, always love to see that! Just downloaded the game and I'm going to try it out this weekend.

Nice pixel art.thank you so much I will use it in my game and will credit you.

Thanks, I'm glad you like it!

this look beautiful, just thinking about all the uses of this animation thankyou

Thanks, glad you enjoy it! If you like it, be sure to check out the full explosions asset pack and the rest of my pixel art!


Hi, are these for commercial use?

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Yes! You can use these for both commercial and non-commercial use.

The license for all my art is an attribution license. You can only redistribute the assets as part of a game or game-like product. (i.e. no straight-up reselling the assets)

The full text of the license is available to read here.

Awesome, thanks!