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It’s nice!

Unfortunately, Godot doesn’t support arbitrary regions as defined in the JSON, so I’ll have to adjust/remove the padding so tiles all fit on the 16x16 grid.

Do you know how other Godot users handle this? I didn’t check your latest assets, maybe those are fully grid-aligned so there is no problem?

Hey there, glad you enjoy the art!

I'm not a Godot user myself, so I was unaware of the limitation... But yes, my more recent tileset spritesheets are indeed grid-aligned and should be easier to use (example). This tileset's spritesheet was done with an older workflow. I can do an update soon to make the spritesheet format more similar to the new style. Thanks for the feedback and info about Godot!

OK, good to know! In the meantime I realigned the sprites on my own, and extracted the big background (sky, mountains, etc.) as separate sprites since they use a different format than tiles.

could i use this in a game for steam but changed?

Yes, feel free to edit the tileset!

You can sell the edited tileset as part of your Steam game. The license would still apply- no reselling the tileset alone if it's not as part of a game.

awesome as always!

Thank you, glad you enjoy the art!