Super Pixel Meadow Fall / Halloween Update!

Hey everyone! For a special seasonal treat, I've updated my Super Pixel Meadow tileset with TWO new color themes.

The first is a pleasant "Fall Colors" theme. Fall colors are still in full swing where I live, and they were so inspiring I just had to make this.

The second is a spooky "Soul Harvest" theme. The blood moon is shining bright, and the clouds have been repurposed into foreground fog. There's a background fog layer included, and you can play around with the layer order if you like but I think it looks pretty slick in front of the midground layer.

And guess what? The images above are 1920x1080 wallpaper-size, so you can save them and have some awesome new backgrounds!

Get the Super Pixel Meadow tileset for your game:

Thanks for reading, and happy Halloween! More spooky stuff coming soon.

- Will

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Wow.This is awesome!