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Say hello to the Classic Platformer Character, a versatile pixel art player character!

Equipped with 15 animations and 4 color themes, the Classic Character is a perfect little starter pack for a pixel art platformer! Both individual PNGs and spritesheets are included. With three punch animations and a dash animation, you can make anything from basic platformers to action-packed combat games. Check out the screenshots on the side for some extra previews!

Animation list:

  • Idle A (7 frames)
  • Idle B (8 frames)
  • Idle C (15 frames)
  • Jump (3 frames)
  • Fall (3 frames)
  • Run (10 frames)
  • Punch A (8 frames)
  • Punch B (8 frames)
  • Punch C (8 frames)
  • Get hit (9 frames)
  • Dash attack (9 frames)
  • Die (4 frames)
  • Talk A (2 frames)
  • Talk B (2 frames)
  • Celebrate (10 frames)
  • Wall cling (single frame)
  • Dash effect (5 frames)

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  • Individual PNG files for all included assets
  • Spritesheets for each style containing all the animations, with your pick of 2 metadata formats (PNG, JSON/TXT)
  • An Aseprite file containing all the animations for the default color theme


  • Total PNGs: 107 (per color theme)
  • Color count: 13 (per color theme)




Get this asset pack and 33 more for $30.00 USD
View bundle
Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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I purchased this and I'm very happy with it. The only possible flaw I see in the design is in the red shirt variation, which looks like a sprite of Ace Ventura: Pet Detective.

Haha, I'm not sure if Ace Ventura is known for a red shirt, but I remember someone else commented the same thing a while back. I think the hairstyle is a little similar.

I'm glad you like the asset and that it's working for you! Feel free to recolor the shirt or any other parts as necessary for your project.