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Hello! This is a free pixel art platformer game enemy. Check out the screenshots on the side for some previews!

It comes with four color themes, and 9 animations. A full animation list is below!

This is also the first of my assets to include descriptive, fully-labeled spritesheets! It's perfect for beginners and advanced game developers alike.
(Compact, unlabeled spritesheets are also included.)


I have more pixel art monsters you might like! Check 'em out below.


  • PNG files for all included assets
  • Descriptive spritesheets with each animation labeled
  • Compact spritesheets (no labels, minimal spacing)
  • Parseable metadata files for all spritesheets
  • Aseprite file containing the original art

Animation list:

  • Idle (8 frames)
  • Attack down (6 frames)
  • Attack up (6 frames)
  • Attack left (6 frames)
  • Attack right (6 frames)
  • Impact down (6 frames)
  • Impact up (6 frames)
  • Impact left (6 frames)
  • Impact right (6 frames)


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free_crusher_enemy.zip 662 kB


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thank you very much! You are making my game development more easy (i will give credit in the game), I imagine that you must have realized that I am buying several assets of yours. If you mind send me a PM, thank you!

Hi, glad you are enjoying the artwork! Thank you very much for the support, I really appreciate it.

Let me know if you have any questions about the assets!

so far so good! If you mind I can show you how is looking in the game... do you have any big dinosaurs or robots? I'm looking forward to those 

by the way... do you mind if I add your name as collaborator on our website? I want to give credit in the game and website.

Sure, feel free to give credit wherever you like.

I don't have any robots or dinosaur assets yet... Maybe in the future!