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Hello! This is a free pixel art platformer game enemy. Check out the screenshots on the side for some previews!

It comes with four color themes, and 9 animations. A full animation list is below!

This is also the first of my assets to include descriptive, fully-labeled spritesheets! It's perfect for beginners and advanced game developers alike.
(Compact, unlabeled spritesheets are also included.)


I have more pixel art monsters you might like! Check 'em out below.


  • PNG files for all included assets
  • Descriptive spritesheets with each animation labeled
  • Compact spritesheets (no labels, minimal spacing)
  • Parseable metadata files for all spritesheets
  • Aseprite file containing the original art

Animation list:

  • Idle (8 frames)
  • Attack down (6 frames)
  • Attack up (6 frames)
  • Attack left (6 frames)
  • Attack right (6 frames)
  • Impact down (6 frames)
  • Impact up (6 frames)
  • Impact left (6 frames)
  • Impact right (6 frames)

License: Attribution + no reselling the asset itself. Commercial and non-commercial use OK!


I have some other assets you might enjoy! They go great with platformer games.

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
AuthorunTied Games
GenreAction, Platformer
TagsAction-Adventure, enemy, Fantasy, Monsters, pixel, Pixel Art, Side Scroller


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free_crusher_enemy.zip 663 kB


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Hey can i use this for commercial game,with credits to your assets pack


My art can be used for any type of game- commercial or non-commercial. The full license text is here. (TLDR: Only distribute as part of a game or game-like product, give attribution, no reselling the art alone.)

Ok thanks i will put credits in game,and on my personal websites as part of artist credits

Awesome, sounds good! Best of luck with your game development!

thank you very much! You are making my game development more easy (i will give credit in the game), I imagine that you must have realized that I am buying several assets of yours. If you mind send me a PM, thank you!

Hi, glad you are enjoying the artwork! Thank you very much for the support, I really appreciate it.

Let me know if you have any questions about the assets!

so far so good! If you mind I can show you how is looking in the game... do you have any big dinosaurs or robots? I'm looking forward to those 

by the way... do you mind if I add your name as collaborator on our website? I want to give credit in the game and website.

Sure, feel free to give credit wherever you like.

I don't have any robots or dinosaur assets yet... Maybe in the future!