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Sorry if you've answered this on one of your other pages but would it be OK to edit these at all? Mostly just change colors.

No worries: The answer is YES you can absolutely feel free to recolor or otherwise modify the tilesets! The license still applies to the modified result.


I finally finished my project with your amazing assets!

It does blended really nice with my game and looking good.

I really appreciated for your works :)

Love these, worth the money! 

Curious how well you feel these tiles fit with your other 'Super Pixel' Tile Sets.

Hi there, thanks for the question!

These tilesets all came before the Super Pixel tileset series, so some will fit with them better than others. My style was evolving at the time, so the Super Pixel tilesets are generally more flexible for level design. Other than that the most notable difference is probably that the Super Pixel tilesets have a dark outline around the terrain, which was less common in my earlier tilesets.

I think the Dagogum Cavern tileset, the Molten Foundry tileset, and the Derelict Spacecraft tileset would probably fit with them the best style-wise.

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Once i finish my game (is at 95%)i will buy this asset for the next game... please give me some robots sprites i will buy them xD!