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Welcome to Realm Rumble!

This is a tower defense / RTS hybrid made for LOWREZJAM 2023, and has a 64x64 resolution! You won't need to bust out your magnifying glass though- The canvas will be scaled up so you can enjoy its juicy pixel art goodness, no matter how you resize the window. Fullscreen also supported (F11)!

Defend Your Empire!

  • Survey the land by moving the cursor or panning the camera.
  • Build walls strategically to block or delay enemies.
  • Gold mines provide gold over time. Build gold mines on gold deposits to get more gold!

Liege Warfare at its finest!

  • Train knights to protect your liege and their kingdom!
  • Build an academy to unlock the ability to train knights from the castle. Build more academies to train stronger knights, and build farms to support a larger army!
  • Lead your knights into battle by setting a move point or attack point.

Will your Realm Rumble, or will your Castle Crumble?

  • Destroy all enemy units and buildings on each level to win!
  • If your castle is destroyed, that's game over!

Dev Notes / Instructions

New players: Head to Options > Controls from the title screen or press ESC > Controls in-game for a controls overview!

The game is heavy on the RTS side right now. I didn't have time in the jam to fully implement the towers, so if you download this early build, then you'll have to win by constructing knights.

There are two levels in this build. To beat each level, destroy all enemy units and structures.

The game has been tested on multiple Windows 10 machines- Let me know if you encounter any issues running it. This game will be updated with more content after the voting period of Low Rez Jam!


  • Version 0.9.3 (August 15, 2023)
    • Fixed game-breaking issues and a softlock. See the readme for details. (The original version submitted for Low Rez Jam is still available to download.)

Like what I do?

I also make pixel art. Check it out: https://untiedgames.itch.io/

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Love the art! Excited to try it. BRB

Thanks! It's still a work in progress, I've been continuing to work on it after the jam. Version 1.0 will probably come before the end of the year!