SPO2021: Halloween Update!

It's that spooky time of year again! What better way to celebrate Halloween than with some new pixel art?

This is a major update to Super Pixel Objects 2021 Edition, and adds both large (32x32) and small (16x16) versions of a variety of spooky new items.

Full list of new objects:

  • Bone
  • Skull
  • Horned Skull
  • Skull Necklace
  • Skull Relic A (static)
  • Skull Relic A (animated)
  • Skull Relic B (static)
  • Skull Relic B (animated)
  • Spirit Orb A (8 color themes)
  • Spirit Orb B (8 color themes)
  • Tombstone A
  • Tombstone B
  • Tombstone C
  • Tombstone D
  • Crystal A (8 color themes)
  • Crystal B (8 color themes)
  • Ankh
  • Cross
  • Bible
  • Cursed Book
  • Lantern (inactive, 6 color themes)
  • Lantern (active, 6 color themes)

As always, all objects have three outline styles: No outline, light outline, and dark outline. The texture atlas / spritesheet has also been updated with the new objects. This update brings the total PNG count to a whopping 8413!

Happy Halloween! See you soon with more pixel art!

- Will

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