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Welcome to Super Pixel Objects 2021 Edition, my biggest asset pack ever! This is a collection of objects, items, and collectibles inspired by SNES-era pixel art graphics, all hand-pixeled and polished to the highest quality. This pack is still growing and receives periodic updates!

These assets would be a perfect fit in just about any game! Each object comes in both 32x32 and 16x16, and there are three different outline types for each object.

 Halloween Update! 

Added large and small versions of a variety of spooky new items! Happy Halloween!

New objects:

  • Bone
  • Skull
  • Horned Skull
  • Skull Necklace
  • Skull Relic A (static)
  • Skull Relic A (animated)
  • Skull Relic B (static)
  • Skull Relic B (animated)
  • Spirit Orb A (8 color themes)
  • Spirit Orb B (8 color themes)
  • Tombstone A
  • Tombstone B
  • Tombstone C
  • Tombstone D
  • Crystal A (8 color themes)
  • Crystal B (8 color themes)
  • Ankh
  • Cross
  • Bible
  • Cursed Book
  • Lantern (inactive, 6 color themes)
  • Lantern (active, 6 color themes)


  • 40+ objects composed of 526 images or animations (PNG)
    • 1up (6 color themes)
    • Animated Buttons (6 color themes)
    • Animated collectible tokens with icons: Arrows / Club / Diamond / Heart / Spade / Plus / Star (4 color themes each)
    • Animated Floor Levers (6 color themes)
    • Animated Treasure Chests (6 color themes)
    • Animated Wall Switches (6 color themes)
    • Ammo / Health / Mystery / Upgrade crates (animated, 4 color themes)
    • Barrels (6 color themes)
    • Blocks (3 styles, 2 color themes each)
    • Coin pile (gold / silver / bronze)
    • Crates (2 styles, 3 color themes each) 
    • Dollar / euro / yen bills
    • Glowing orbs (animated, 6 color themes)
    • Glowing treasure relics (animated, 3 styles, 4 color themes each)
    • Gold sack (4 color themes)
    • Ingots (gold / silver / bronze)
    • Money stack
    • Music note single / double (6 color themes)
    • Pills (3 color themes)
    • Powerups: Defense / Speed / Power (2 styles, 4 color themes each)
    • Sparkle animations (animatedlarge / small, 4 styles)
  • Each object has a large version (32x32) and a small version (16x16)
  • Each object has multiple outline styles: none, light, and dark
  • Texture atlas (spritesheet) containing every object
  • Parsable metadata for the texture atlas (TXT)
  • Total PNGs: 8413

License: Attribution + no reselling the asset itself. Commercial and non-commercial use OK!

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Buy Now$15.00 USD or more

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Amazing pack. I will purchase this...

Maybe could you add shoot'em up animated items like B (bomb), P (power), S (speed), etc.? That will be perfect! 

Thank you very much!


Nice idea, I'll put those on my to-do list! I don't think I've done classic-style shoot-em-up powerups yet, so that's perfect.

Great! Thank you! :)