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Welcome to Super Pixel Objects 2021 Edition, my biggest asset pack ever! This is a collection of objects, items, and collectibles inspired by SNES-era pixel art graphics, all hand-pixeled and polished to the highest quality. This pack is still growing and receives periodic updates!

These assets would be a perfect fit in just about any game! Each object comes in both 32x32 and 16x16, and there are three different outline types for each object.


  • 40 objects composed of 526 images or animations (PNG)
    • 1up (6 color themes)
    • Animated Buttons (6 color themes)
    • Animated collectible tokens with icons: Arrows / Club / Diamond / Heart / Spade / Plus / Star (4 color themes each)
    • Animated Floor Levers (6 color themes)
    • Animated Treasure Chests (6 color themes)
    • Animated Wall Switches (6 color themes)
    • Ammo / Health / Mystery / Upgrade crates (animated, 4 color themes)
    • Barrels (6 color themes)
    • Blocks (3 styles, 2 color themes each)
    • Coin pile (gold / silver / bronze)
    • Crates (2 styles, 3 color themes each) 
    • Dollar / euro / yen bills
    • Glowing orbs (animated, 6 color themes)
    • Glowing treasure relics (animated, 3 styles, 4 color themes each)
    • Gold sack (4 color themes)
    • Ingots (gold / silver / bronze)
    • Money stack
    • Music note single / double (6 color themes)
    • Pills (3 color themes)
    • Powerups: Defense / Speed / Power (2 styles, 4 color themes each)
    • Sparkle animations (animatedlarge / small, 4 styles)
  • Each object has a large version (32x32) and a small version (16x16)
  • Each object has multiple outline styles: none, light, and dark
  • Master spritesheet containing every object
  • Parsable metadata for the spritesheet (TXT)
  • Total PNGs: 6757

License: Attribution + no reselling the asset itself. Commercial and non-commercial use OK!

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Buy Now$15.00 USD or more

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Amazing pack. I will purchase this...

Maybe could you add shoot'em up animated items like B (bomb), P (power), S (speed), etc.? That will be perfect! 

Thank you very much!


Nice idea, I'll put those on my to-do list! I don't think I've done classic-style shoot-em-up powerups yet, so that's perfect.

Great! Thank you! :)