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Trouble with importing to Construct 2 & 3 - importing as 16x16 does not work.
- J. Paradox

Hi there, thanks for the feedback. This is one of my older tilesets and includes a texture atlas + datafile, which is not aligned to a 16x16 grid. The intended use of the texture atlas is to parse the datafile to read the texture coordinates. The individual PNGs can also be used instead. My newer tilesets include a sheet that is grid-aligned and can be sliced by tools like Construct or Unity.

Here's some PNGs of just the tiles, aligned to a 16x16 grid. You should be able to import this into anything that can slice a sheet of 16x16 images. Enjoy!

Style A:

Style B:

Style C:

Oh my god you are just the nicest person out there. Thank you, thank you so much! <3
I'll be sure to join your patreon once I'm able to :D
- J. Paradox

Glad I was able to help! And thank you for the kind words!