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With a variety of fluid, high-quality animations, he's totally ready to be the hero (or the villain?) of your next game! UPDATE 12/13/18: Added 2 new attack animations, "get hit" animation, and death animation! Now includes 4 color themes!

The Valiant Knight comes with 13 character animations and 3 effect animations:

  • Idle (6 frames)
  • Run (8 frames)
  • Attack A (14 frames)
  • Attack B (13 frames)
  • Attack C (14 frames)
  • Jump start (4 frames)
  • Jump loop (2 frames)
  • Fall loop (2 frames)
  • Guard start (4 frames)
  • Guard loop (6 frames)
  • Guard end (4 frames)
  • Get hit (5 frames)
  • Die (10 frames)
  • Block effect A (16 frames)
  • Block effect B (16 frames)
  • Block effect C (16 frames)

Above is a GIF of all the animations in action. Check out the screenshots on the side for some extra previews!

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  • PNG files for all included assets
  • Spritesheets for the knight's animations and effects
  • Aseprite file containing the knight's animations


  • Total PNGs (knight): 92 per color theme
  • Total PNGs (effects): 48
  • Color count: 13



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Get this asset pack and 31 more for $60.00 USD
View bundle
Buy Now$8.00 USD or more

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Hello, bought the asset and I must say that I'm very happy. 

Can I modify it for commercial use? I want to add a jump attack animation.


Hi there, sorry I missed your comment somehow. You can absolutely modify this for commercial use, but the license will still apply (can only be distributed as part of a game or game-like product, no straight-up reselling the art).

great update, really missing animation roll

Thanks, glad you like it! For the next update I'll consider additional animations like rolling.

big thx

Awesome man, I'am totally thinking to buy it !

Can you please insert him, Dying/Hurt like the Skeleton Warrior?

(1 edit)

Glad you like it!

Currently a little busy, but I will update the pack when I can to include hurt/death animations. I've thought about it before as well and it's definitely something I'd like to include.

(Edit: hurt/death animations are now included!)

so awesome i hope to see more