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hi. This pixel effect pack is great! I have purchased it, but I have some problems using it in the project. Can you provide a version without sun pillars?

Hi there! I looked into it, but the files for this project are 4 years old and have developed incompatibilities with the engine used to render them. Without recreating them from scratch in a newer version, I can't remove the sun pillars.

Best I can do via image editing is something like this, to minimize the pillars:

And here are the PNGs for this animation so you can try it in-game:

Would this work for you? If so, want me to do the rest of the ones with pillars like this?

Can i use this in commercial game

Yes, absolutely!

Thank you for asking- I thought I updated all my assets to display the license, but I missed this one.

License: Attribution + no reselling the asset itself. Commercial and non-commercial use OK!