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Welcome to Will's Magic Particle Effects! I'm Will... Nice to meet you! Usually I do pixel art, but this is my first non-pixel art asset pack. Woohoo!

This pack includes 20 high quality particle effect animations. Are you ready to add some magic to your game?

Pretty cool, right? All animations are designed to be played at 60 FPS, for maximum smoothness.

(Of course, if you need less FPS to match other assets in your game, you can always skip frames. I don't mind!)

A wide variety of effects means that you're bound to find the right effect for your game! Need that perfect "level up" effect? How about a "cure" animation? Or even just a standard puff of smoke and sparkles? This is the pack for you!

There are two general types of animations. The animations with particles that rise up from the bottom are designed for side-scrolling games, while the "burst" or explosion-type animations can fit in any kind of game.

Best of all, these animations are provided as both PNG sequences and spritesheets! That means that no matter what engine you're using, as long as you can play animations, they're compatible with your game!


  • PNG files for all included assets
  • Spritesheets for all animations, with metadata files

License: Attribution + no reselling the asset itself. Commercial and non-commercial use OK!



Will's Magic Pixel Particle Effects is the pixel art counterpart to this asset pack! It includes 20 high-quality, 60 FPS pixel art effects. Some of them are based on the effects in this pack, and some of them are totally new... But ALL of them are awesome! Head on over and check it out!


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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wills_magic_particle_effects.zip 130 MB


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hi. This pixel effect pack is great! I have purchased it, but I have some problems using it in the project. Can you provide a version without sun pillars?

Hi there! I looked into it, but the files for this project are 4 years old and have developed incompatibilities with the engine used to render them. Without recreating them from scratch in a newer version, I can't remove the sun pillars.

Best I can do via image editing is something like this, to minimize the pillars:

And here are the PNGs for this animation so you can try it in-game: https://untiedgames.com/files/heart_spiral_masked.zip

Would this work for you? If so, want me to do the rest of the ones with pillars like this?

Can i use this in commercial game

Yes, absolutely!

Thank you for asking- I thought I updated all my assets to display the license, but I missed this one.

License: Attribution + no reselling the asset itself. Commercial and non-commercial use OK!