Future Particle Packs

Hi everyone!

With the successful debut of my first two particle effect packs, I'm getting ready to make some more! I'm a pixel artist at heart, so for now I'll be focusing on another pixel particle effects pack. I've improved my workflow, and I'm looking forward to adding a whole bunch of new features to my particle engine, including trail effects and "clumping" mechanics. As you can see below, thanks to a better workflow the new effects I can make with it are almost a whole different class compared to what's in this pack. The pixels are a lot cleaner, and I think they'll fit a lot better in pixel art games!

I've also got a couple questions for you all.

  • What kind of effects would you like to see in a future particle effects pack?
  • How do you feel about the transparency and glow effects?
  • For those of you who own this pack, do you find it easy to use?
  • For those of you who own this pack, would you be interested in additional FPS variants? (For example, a 30 FPS variant of an animation would be a folder that includes half the frames of the 60 FPS version.)

Thanks, and I'm excited to make more pixel art!
- Will

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No to the glow effects, or, if you have them, please make a separate version that doesn't have the glow.  In my mind the glow defeats the point of having pixel effects instead of regular particle effects.

I'd be down to include separate versions without glow if people are interested. Here's what the effect in the original post would look like without glow. To me it has a lot less "wow" factor compared to the original, but maybe I could tweak it somehow to fix that.

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I'm also more interested in fewer-color options, and even no-transparency options! I like to limit myself to a low number of colors.