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Can you please make a wizard with a robe, magic? thanks!

Hi, can i ask you the size of the skeleton. is it 512*512px  ?

Hi there! All frames are 72x63. The previews are upscaled for display purposes, and you can feel free to upscale them in your game as well.

Let me know if I can answer any more questions!

This is cool, but feels like it's missing a walking animation.

Right now it just has a run animation. I'll add a walk animation to my to-do list!


Good, because I think it needs it. Think about it, in a game, this NCP would be walking about when not in alert mode. It would be weird for the NCP to move via running when there's nothing going on. You'll want running to be triggered only when the player has aggro'ed it. I'll keep an eye out when you've added the walk animations. Thanks for replying.


Actually, at the risk of being annoying, it also needs a Jump animation. That would allow the NPC to clear gaps.

This is awesome, if i buy it, can i use it in a commercial game?

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Yes, absolutely!

The license for all my assets is an attribution license. In addition to the attribution requirement, you can only redistribute the assets as part of a game or application product. (i.e. no straight-up reselling the assets.)
Redistributing as part of a commercial game is 100% OK!

I've made the full license text available here if you'd like to read it.

very cool, already have an idea to start project and combine this with Valiant Knight but game can't be finished only with main character ,are you doing other stuff,like enemies pickUp's ect.? please let me know

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Hi, I'm glad you like the Valiant Knight! I will be doing some more enemies soon.

For now, the only available enemy I have online is the Skeleton Warrior + Archer. Please check it out if you're interested!

Edit: Whoops, I thought this was a comment on the Valiant Knight... Obviously you already know about the skeleton warrior + archer. But yes, more enemies will come soon!

can you make a jump and fall animations please, i'm using this for the main character then he becoms the valiant knight,(can't spoiler what's in my mind : ) thanx

That's a really cool idea! I'll put it on my to-do list. It might be a little bit before I get to it, so hang tight. Valiant Knight was updated recently with more animations, so be sure to re-download it if you haven't already!

By the way, I have a new monster you might enjoy:

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thanx man, the valiant knight and flying demon are on my to-buy list ; ) keep doing your cool art

P.S. the shrooms 2