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I think I got this in a humble bundle a while ago. Is this version updated compared to the one available to download via humble? The link shows it here, but a paid version for $5. Curious if these were updated at all.

Same for this bundle.

Hi there! That's correct, this version is updated (v1.1, 2018) and the GDM version is old (v1.0, 2017). It was once a paid asset but I decided to make it free on here a while back. Sorry about the confusion! Please feel free to download this version, it has an additional color theme and an updated zip file structure compared to the initial release. It was one of my earlier tilesets though, so the spritesheet format is not consistent with the easier-to-use format of my later tilesets. However, it's still perfectly usable with some work.

As for Pixel Art Tileset Collection, that is the same version all around. Thanks for the question- I'll have to update this pack on GDM!

Thanks. It's more how regarding Humble does their assets when you buy them. Some you redeem and some they host the asset directly. It would be nice if Humble would allow updating of assets, but it seems like its stuck at the version that was provided at the time you bought the bundle. Shame since the asset bundles on Humble are $25-30 usually. 

Your  asset in the Humble bundle was hosted directly by humble and not redeemed on GDM. So I guess whatever version was uploaded to Humble at the time of the bundle is what people who purchased have access to download. 

Oh, I see! So even if/when I update the asset, the version downloadable from Humble wouldn't update- That makes some sense, I guess. I wasn't sure how they had it set up. If you spot any others that may have been updated since you picked up the bundle and I'd be happy to generate download keys so you can get in on the updates!

No problem. For now since you made this one free I'll just download this updated version. 


Hi! I plan to use your designs in my Destiny Oblivion game

Nice! Got a link to your game's site? I'd love to follow development.

It's not ready just yet, so no link to it, but here is the link to the comic:

We'll update when the game is ready there and possibly here

Wow, this asset pack looks amazing! Kudos for the fantastic job! :)

Thank you, I'm glad you like it! If you enjoyed this, you might also like Super Pixel Plains. Can't wait to make more in the Super Pixel series!

Your Super Pixel Plains looks awesome as well! Looking forward to seeing what you do in the future :)


Glad you like it! It was a lot of fun to draw.