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This asset pack includes 10 pixel art effect types. Each effect type comes in a large and a small size, and all effects have multiple color themes! With a wide variety of fluid, high-quality animations, these effects are sure to juice up your game!

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  • Energy Aura Large (56x56, 6 color themes)
  • Energy Aura Small (28x28, 6 color themes)
  • Dash Dust Large (128x64, 3 color themes)
  • Dash Dust Small (64x32, 3 color themes)
  • Electric Zap Large (72x72, 7 color themes)
  • Electric Zap Small (36x36, 7 color themes)
  • Energy Shield Large (64x64, 8 color themes)
  • Energy Shield Small (32x32, 8 color themes)
  • Explosion Large (64x64, 6 color themes)
  • Explosion Small (32x32, 6 color themes)
  • Impact Dust Large (104x24, 3 color themes)
  • Impact Dust Small (52x12, 3 color themes)
  • Impact Hit Large (64x64, 8 color themes)
  • Impact Hit Small (32x32, 8 color themes)
  • Magic Puff Large (48x80, 8 color themes)
  • Magic Puff Small (24x40, 8 color themes)
  • Splash Large (76x68, 8 color themes)
  • Splash Small (36x34, 8 color themes)
  • Splatter Large (64x64, 8 color themes)
  • Splatter Small (32x32, 8 color themes)

Check out the screenshots on the side for some animated previews!


  • Individual PNG files for each animation frame
  • Spritesheets for each animation, with parsable metadata

License: Attribution + no reselling the asset itself. Commercial and non-commercial use OK!



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AuthorunTied Games
TagsAnimation, Cute, Effects, Explosions, Fantasy, Magic, particle-effect, Pixel Art, Retro


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

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Hi, I'd like to say thank you for this asset!      

I used to create my portfolio website   https://www.vlad-smirnov.dev

You can check how was it used by clicking the MacBook :)

I love it, nice work!! My high score is 585. The whole website is great, I also really like how scrolling back up through your timeline turns the character into a Delorean like Back to the Future. It's a very nice portfolio!

These look so good! Do you plan to make sword slashes or magic spells?

Yeah, absolutely! I have tons of ideas already for future effect packs, and the next one is already in the works. Is there a particular type of magic spell you'd like to see?

elemental stuff would be nice


I think you'll enjoy the next one then! I have electric, fire, and ice effects planned for it.