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Welcome to Super Pixel Objects and Items, my biggest asset pack ever! This is a collection of objects, items, and collectibles inspired by SNES-era pixel art graphics, all hand-pixeled and polished to the highest quality.

These assets would be a perfect fit in just about any game! Spike balls and spikes can be used to make your levels dangerous. Give your player something to collect with animated gems and coins! Each object has multiple outline styles - See the fourth screenshot for details. More specialized objects like stars, keys, and potions are included too! The list goes on... For a full list, see below! Check out the screenshots on the side for some previews!


  • 103 objects / items / animations (PNG)
    • Apples (large / small, 2 colors)
    • Arrows (multiple)
    • Bombs (lightly animated, 2 types)
    • Coins (animated, large / small, multiple colors)
    • Detonators (animated, 2 types)
    • Dynamite (lightly animated)
    • Gems (animated, large / small, 3 types, multiple colors)
    • Hearts (large / small, half-hearts included)
    • Keys (large / small, 3 types, multiple colors)
    • Meat (large / small)
    • Potions (3 types, multiple colors, half-potions and empty potions included)
    • Sparkle animations (animated, large / small, 4 styles)
    • Spike balls (multiple styles, multiple colors)
    • Spikes (4 rotations, multiple styles, multiple colors)
    • Springs (animated, 4 rotations, 2 colors)
    • Star (large / small, 2 types)
  • Multiple outline styles for every object (see 4th screenshot)
  • Master spritesheet containing every object
  • Your pick of 2 metadata formats for the spritesheet (JSON / TXT)
  • Total PNGs: 3104

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Get this super asset pack and 33 more for $30.00 USD
View bundle
Buy Now$15.00 USD or more

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