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This asset pack includes 10 pixel art projectile types. Each projectile type comes in a large and a small size, and all projectiles have multiple color themes! With a wide variety of fluid, high-quality animations, these projectiles are sure to juice up your game!


  • Ground Shockwave Large (128x64, 8 color themes)
  • Ground Shockwave Small (64x32, 8 color themes)
  • Ice Spike Large (64x32, 7 color themes)
  • Ice Spike Small (32x16, 7 color themes)
  • Sci-fi Missile Large (64x32, 8 color themes)
  • Sci-fi Missile Small (32x16, 8 color themes)
  • Meteor Large (96x64, 6 color themes)
  • Meteor Small (48x32, 6 color themes)
  • Fireball Large (72x32, 6 color themes)
  • Fireball Small (36x16, 6 color themes)
  • Helix Beam Large (64x32, 6 color themes)
  • Helix Beam Small (32x16, 6 color themes)
  • Magic Missile Large (48x32, 6 color themes)
  • Magic Missile Small (24x16, 6 color themes)
  • Lightning Orb Large (64x48, 7 color themes)
  • Lightning Orb Small (32x24, 7 color themes)
  • Kunai Large (32x16, 7 color themes)
  • Kunai Small (16x8, 7 color themes)
  • Shuriken Large (32x32, 7 color themes)
  • Shuriken Small (16x16, 7 color themes)

Check out the screenshots for some animated previews!


  • Individual PNG files for each animation frame
  • Spritesheets for each animation, with parsable metadata

License: Attribution + no reselling the asset itself. Commercial and non-commercial use OK!



I have some other assets you might enjoy! They go great with platformer games, RPGs, and everything in between!

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AuthorunTied Games
TagsAnimation, Arcade, Asset Pack, Cute, Effects, Magic, Pixel Art, projectiles, Retro


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I made a game and put the meteorite from this pack to work!

Wanna play it? 



These are some lovely pixels! Makes me want to try my hand at some effects, I haven't done a bunch of that.

Lovely style you have, I like all of your packs! Cheers!


Thank you so much, glad you like the art! Effects are a lot of fun because you can get away with a little more than you can with rigid objects and character animation, but I find myself putting more work into them because they're so fun!

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Superb pack!! I will purchase it soon. Maybe you can make a pack with a shmup power ups (animated). Something like floating B, P, S, etc. It will be great!! Regards!

Wow!   Just imagine an asteroids game with terrifying comets that look like these and a ship that gets stronger by shooting them like in sinistar...  imagine a whole adventure game setting just like that...